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Sabra International, has branches throughout South America with headquarters in Miami, FL and sales offices in Northern Florida, Midwest, West Coast, Israel, North & South Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Sabra International has the infrastructure in place to serve most of your wood product needs.


Sabra international offers both international ocean shipping and domestic delivery service as well as being able to look after all of your customs clearance. We also hold inventory in Miami, Savannah, New Jersey,  Houston, California, and North Carolina.


Sabra has graders to check products at the source before shipment. We can provide digital fotos and inspection reports of our clients' loads upon request.


Sabra international, also offer you the peace of mind of being able to machine lumber into your final profile with mills at the cutting edge of
technology able to re-tool their machines to fit your profiles.

Environtentally Friendly

Sabra international is able to supply environmentally friendly lumber in most species.